As an accomplished leader, I bring a wealth of diverse skills honed through extensive experience in both operations and product development. By merging a strategic blend of unconventional thinking and industry expertise, I consistently drive innovative solutions that propel organizations forward. My leadership philosophy centers around nurturing dynamic team cultures that not only recognize individual strengths but also foster a collective passion for excellence. I have a proven track record of identifying and removing obstacles that hinder success, allowing teams to thrive and reach their full potential.

Central to my leadership approach is a commitment to collaboration and effective stakeholder management. I firmly believe that aligning actions with corporate goals is essential for achieving sustainable success. I achieve this by prioritizing transparent communication, enabling the team to grasp the broader mission while understanding their vital role within it. Informed decision-making is a cornerstone of my leadership style, wherein I utilize a blend of creative thinking and data-driven analysis. This ensures that strategies are not only innovative but also grounded in reliable insights, driving organizational growth with confidence.

My Passion.

Product & Project Management

Optimizing product and project management to enhance customer satisfaction, drive growth, and maximize profitability through a customer-centric approach.

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Engineering & Design

Leading cross-functional teams to successfully deliver high-quality products, from ideation to launch, while prioritizing customer needs and business objectives.

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& Logistics

Experienced in manufacturing and logistics operations, with a strong focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and continuous improvement.

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Core competancies.


• Department Structuring & Management

• Budget development & Reporting

• Corporate Finance

• Project Planning & Execution


• Management of Clients & Contractors

• Product Development & Lifecycle Management

• Mechanical/Process Engineering

• Grant Sourcing & Writing

My Mission

To deliver Reliability, Quality and Creativity with Peace of Mind.

Core values.


Expect the best from yourself, remove obstacles, inspire, and support others, embrace diversity, and celebrate success


Deliver results, be accountable, work as a team, continuously improve and grow, communicate effectively


Master the science and process, create a better way, find a better solution, and push the envelope


Do what is right, say what you mean, do what you say, earn trust, and treat others with respect

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