Engineering & Design

Through effective communication and collaboration, I foster a culture of creativity and continuous improvement that empowers teams to deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive business growth.

Fields of Practice

Process Engineering

2D & 3D Pipe Design

P&IDs & PFDs

Micro Susceptible Design

Flammable & Combustible Design

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Project Management

Project Definition

Cost Control

Risk Management

Project Close Out

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Mechanical Engineering

3D Design & Simulation

Manufacturing Drawings

Reverse Engineering

Machine Design

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Having a strong technical background is essential for a leadership role in engineering. It is important to have a deep understanding of engineering principles and processes relevant to the organization and stay updated with the latest technological advancements in the field. With this knowledge, you can identify problems, develop solutions, and make informed decisions that ensure the success of projects.


Strong leadership skills are crucial for managing a team effectively. It is important to delegate tasks effectively, provide guidance, and set clear expectations for team members. Additionally, motivating the team to achieve their goals, recognizing good performance, and providing feedback to improve their performance are important. Creating a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation is also necessary for success.



Having strong strategic thinking skills is essential for analyzing complex problems and developing effective solutions. It is important to think long-term and set goals that align with the organization's overall vision and mission. Identifying opportunities for growth and improvement and developing strategies to capitalize on them is essential. Anticipating challenges and developing contingency plans to mitigate risks and ensure that projects stay on track is also crucial.


Effective communication skills are crucial for working effectively with various stakeholders within and outside the organization. It is important to be able to communicate complex technical information to non-technical stakeholders in a clear and concise manner. Providing regular updates to the team and senior management regarding project status, risks, and opportunities is also necessary. Additionally, active listening, providing feedback, and building strong relationships with the team and stakeholders to foster collaboration and achieve goals are essential.

MY Capabilities Include:

  • Product development and Management
  • Operational Efficiency and Process Improvement
  • Strong Leadership and Team Management Abilities
  • Customer-centric Approach and Excellent Communication
  • Strategic Thinking and Ability to Drive Growth
  • Project Management and Organizational
  • Understanding of Market Trends and Customer Needs
  • Data Analysis and Decision-Making Skills
  • Strong Problem-Solving Abilities